Working Capital For Foreign Companies

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Short Term Financing

Available to

Non U.S. entities and U.S. entities domicile outside USA.

Exports Supported

Consumables, raw materials, spare parts, bulk agricultural commodities, low cost capital goods, consumer durables and services

Program Description

This is a revolving line of credit to be use by companies out side of USA to import products and services from The United States of America.
Minimum amount varies, but normally is $200,000.
For transactions of goods not originating from U.S.A. Minimum amount is US$2,000,000.

This program does not requiere a Letter of Credit neither a bank guarantee.
The transaction is directly with The United States of America institution.
The buyer can obtain one or more supplier and costs as shipping, insurance and other expenses may be included in the financing.

Best used by

Buyers exporters/importers would like to have longer term of financing its products and more power of purchase.

Coverage and Terms

  • Equalized coverage for political and commercial risks on gross invoice value
  • Sovereign buyers: 100%
  • Private sector and non-sovereign public sector buyers: 90%
  • Letter of credit transactions: 95%
  • Bulk agricultural sales: 98%.
  • Maximum terms: 180 days (360 days for bulk agricultural commodities, fertilizer, consumer durables, and capital equipment).

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